2020 Volunteer Opportunities

Date Location Total
Equipment Prep TBA TBA 2
Date Location Total
Field Prep/cleaning TBA TBA 2
Date Location Total
Neighbours DayTBATBATBA
Equipment Dismantle TBA TBA 2
Date Location Total
Mix 107 Ten Town Tour ConcessionTBATBATBA
Pioneer Days Float Prep TBA TBA 10
Date Location Total
Date Location Total

If you would like to sign up to volunteer, please email

We are always looking for more opportunities, we are open to sharing our volunteers between clubs if needed, so check back often!

Volunteer Questions & Answers

1. I have 10 kids registered do I need a deposit for each player?
A. - No. The deposit is only required for the oldest player registered. One deposit per family. We would still ask for your volunteer time time towards each player.

2. I already signed up to coach does this apply to me?
A. - No. We are already thankful for your time. In fact we would like to give you more for all you have already done by volunteering to coach our players!

3. Why did you start this?
A. -  Our goal is to keep our fees low and to have the ability to upgrade or purchase new equipment for our club. Many of these volunteer oportunities involve a fundraising component. with out volunteers we can not participate to earn the extra fees for our club.

4. Who else has this program?
A. - Many communities and other sports organizations have this program due to the lack of participation by many parents / care takers. We are trying to encourage a more proactive approach of teaching our players proper team cooperation, pride and responsibility for our club and town.

5. Why do I have to volunteer?
A. - We would like to believe it would make you feel good and that you would enjoy the experience and quallity time spent with your player.
- Most of all it will help in keeping our programs affordable by keeping the registration costs lower which means more players creating a better experiance for your player.

6. How long do I have to volunteer for?
A. - Majority of our volunteer opportunities are about 3 hours, we are asking for your help for just one day per player. (Not that bad when you think of it, we could be trying to rope you in to helping all year long)

7. I have other things to do - Do I have to be there?
A. - Parents are expected to help out their players team. Adult supervision is required for all of our players under the age of 18. Volunteer opportunities need to be served by a responsible adult who is over the age of 18. This person does not need to be related to the player, but needs to indicate and supervise the player they are volunteering with.

8. What if I can't Volunteer can I opt out?
A. - Yes. At time of registration you may "opt out" and pay the volunteer fee up front.

9. What if the opportunity I would like to volunteer for is full?
A. - Our volunteer opportunities are first come first serve. If the one you would like has been filled there is nothing we can say other then please try another.

10. I Changed my mind / signed up for the wrong one can I switch?
A. - To bad for you once signed up its writen in stone....... Just kidding!! You can fill out the form again we ask that you please add a comment at the bottom asking to be removed from the first pick. **If you skip this you will be asked to participate in both**

11. What happens to my deposit after I volunteer?
A. - Upon completion of volunteering, your  deposit will be refunded to you. If you do not receive it by the end of the season, please contact, or send a message on our Facebook page

Note from us.
We dont want your money; we would prefer your involvement. As we grow so does the need for help. Some of the volunteer opportunities - such as the road side clean up, concessions, community league event - do bring money into our club  from outside supporters.

For more information please talk to anyone on our Board or if you would like to Voluteer for the Board please visit our Contact page to sign up.